Smearing China not only smears Chinese but also undermines Canadian democracy

On November 7, 2022, Global News reporter Sam Cooper published a report titled “Canadian intelligence warned PM Trudeau that China covertly funded 2019 election candidates: Sources”.

Who is Sam Cooper? Sam Cooper is a journalist who often publishes unfounded articles to smear China and slander the Chinese community. When COVID hit Wuhan in 2020, Chinese demand for masks suddenly soared. Overseas Chinese donated masks and other personal protective items to China out of love. On April 30, 2020, Sam Cooper wrote a speculative report accusing the Chinese United Front groups in Canada of hoarding personal protective equipment for China. The purpose of Sam Cooper’s groundless accusation is to incite anti-China sentiment and describe the shortage of EPP facing Canada as a result of China’s conspiracy to harm Canada’s interests. This has caused great harm to the Chinese community. When Wuhan was locked down, only China was on high alert action. No other country showed the willingness and actions to prepare anti-epidemic materials. Chinese Canadians donated to China to fight the epidemic out of humanitarian love. In previous disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, Chinese Canadians have donated to charity, not only for China but also for major disasters in other countries. As a result, Sam Cooper described all public-spirited Chinese associations as undercover agents of the Chinese United Front in Canada. If all associations donating to China’s fight against the epidemic are agents of the United Front of the Communist Party of China, then the Chinese are all spies of the Communist Party of China. This article made every Chinese in Vancouver feel insecure, especially the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. They are the main activists and organizers of charitable donations in the community. They were all suspected of the CCP spies by Sam Cooper. Two real estate agents and a People’s Party candidate registered a “Maple Leaf Anti-Racism Action Association”. They first asked Global News to apologize to the Chinese community. Global News refused to apologize. Later, they planned to raise funds to sue Sam Cooper. A fundraising notice was sent to the WeChat group of the Liberal Party’s digital government ministers, which stirred up a political quarrel in Congress. Articles like Cooper’s incited anti-China sentiments, leading to a surge in violent crimes against Chinese Canadians during the epidemic. In particular, Vancouver Chinatown has become the hardest-hit area for violent racist hate crimes.

In May 2021, Sam Cooper wrote a book “Wilful Blindness”, which described Vancouver’s drug smuggling rings and Chinese businessmen as the infiltrations of the CCP, saying that Vancouver has become the headquarters of China’s industrial espionage against Canada. After Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher finalized the return of Hong Kong in 1982, the Hong Kong capital fled, and Vancouver was one of the largest destinations for Hong Kong's capital flight. This is the reason why Chinese businessmen gather in Vancouver. In Sam Cooper’s writing, both smuggling rings and Chinese businessmen have become the infiltration of the CPC. When Lai Changxing was wanted for corruption and smuggling cases, Canada gave asylum to Lai Changxing in Vancouver for 12 years. Lai Changxing had huge black money from his smuggling and corruption and he had to lauder his black money during that 12 years. Because of the precedent of Lai’s asylum, all the Chinese businessmen who have some money in China and feel insecure have immigrated to Canada, but their business is still in China. As a result, Vancouver resides many Chinese businessmen. For a period of time, the housing market in Vancouver was highly correlated with the housing market in Shanghai. However, in Sam Cooper’s book, these drug smuggling rings and Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong and the mainland are all described as the CPC’s conspiracy to corrupt Canadian society. Cooper also attacked Senator Yuen Pau Woo and the author Ding Guo in his book launch, making false accusations against them.

What does Sam Cooper’s November 7, 2022 article accusing China of meddling in the 2019 election say? The first paragraph of this article said: According to the source, Canadian intelligence agencies have warned Prime Minister Trudeau that China has been allegedly interfering in Canada’s 2019 election and funding a clandestine network including at least 11 candidates for the general election. What is Canadian Intelligence? According to the intelligence agreement of the Five Eyes alliance, the Canadian intelligence service is virtually under the command and control of the US intelligence service. Therefore, Canadian intelligence is part of the military-industrial complex. When Meng Wanzhou transits planes in Vancouver, according to international civil aviation agreements, Meng Wanzhou did not enter Canada, so Canada does not have jurisdiction to arrest Meng Wanzhou. But Canada actually tricked Meng Wanzhou out of the transit lounge and tricked Ms. Meng into the area on the Canadian side of the border to arrest her. This operation was directed by the US intelligence agency. What is an allegation? A legal initiation process that has not been proven is called an allegation. US intelligence has alleged Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction and alleged Syria of chemical weapons, all of which have since been proven to be false. Allegations without evidence are no different from rumors and slander. Naming rumors and slanders as allegations are a propaganda tactic. It was this article that was quickly cited in Western mainstream media as a report on identified China’s interference in the Canadian election. The information in Cooper’s article comes from unrevealed “sources” that do not say who made the accusation, only that it was alleged. News reports need people, places, times, and events. Cooper’s report did not report who accused China of interfering in the Canadian election. Cooper reported that the intelligence community was based on the allegations, not the intelligence community’s allegations, but the intelligence community’s notification that there were allegations.

Paragraph 2 of Cooper’s article: According to sources, the intelligence community has informed the Prime Minister and cabinet members of numerous allegations against China since January, specifically of subverting Canadian democracy and advancing Chinese influence. This is just an allegation, an allegation that has not yet been supported by any evidence. The third paragraph of the article stated that according to the information of the intelligence agencies, these allegations included that China funded pro-China candidates through intermediaries and placed Chinese agents in the offices of these candidates. What does it mean? This is to say that there is no evidence that the Chinese government funded the election, but that the businessmen who donate politically are suspected of being agents of the Chinese government. How can the Chinese participate in politics in the future? Chinese participation in politics is suspected of acting as an agent of the Chinese government. How do the Chinese make political donations? Chinese political donations are suspected of bribing and corrupting Canadian officials by the Chinese government. Is the Canadian government still a democratic government? Can there be different political opinions? If there are Canadian politicians or officials who are in favor of Canada-China friendship, then they become suspects of agents of China. Is it the impact of China’s corruption and bribery? Is it coerced by the Chinese government? All of these allegations are groundless speculation, and their effect is to create social pressure to suppress dissidents and those who disagree with Washington’s China policy. The foreign power with the greatest influence on the Canadian government is the US government, not the Chinese government. The Cooper article is essentially the influence of the United States on Canada to suppress dissent. There are 338 parliamentary seats in Canada. If there are only three candidates in each constituency, there will be at least a thousand candidates in the general election. If there are 11 of the thousands of candidates who are pro-China, that is 1%. Yet our society cannot tolerate 1% of candidates having different opinions bout our policy towards China. This is an autocracy, and it means that dissidents are not tolerated. It can be seen that Cooper’s anti-China sensational articles are not only extremely harmful to the Chinese community, but also to Canadian democracy. Cooper’s article is to persecute dissidents and force the Canadian government to choose sides in geopolitics and maintain American hegemony.

The fourth paragraph of the article states that the Canadian intelligence agency has confirmed that China has interfered in Canada, and this interference can include funding. Why is “can include ”, why not just say “ includes ”? What is this confirmation? This is a confirmation without confidence. That is to say, there is no evidence for intelligence at all, and it is dispensable to define this funding as Chinese interference. It can be included or it can not be included. The intelligence briefing did not identify the 11 candidates who were bribed by the Chinese government. Candidates, who accept foreign bribes should be eliminated immediately, right? Why didn’t you even say the name? It can be seen that there is no evidence, and some are just speculation. The intelligence report said that the candidates bribed by China included the candidates of the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. This is what Cooper said about China’s interference in the Canadian election, that is, helping the Liberal Party campaign and helping the Conservative Party campaign. Can this affect the outcome of the Canadian election?

The fifth paragraph of the article stated that the source of the article could not determine when the intelligence service briefed Prime Minister Trudeau, and could not determine which members of the cabinet were briefed. It also accused the Chinese Consulate in Toronto of secretly funding 11 candidates and sending agents to their campaign offices to aid them. Note that this is an allegation, an allegation that has not been investigated and has no evidence. The fact that the Chinese Consulate in Toronto secretly funded 11 candidates is not a confirmed fact, but just an allegation. Beijing sending people to the campaign offices of these candidates is also an allegation, not an established fact. This paragraph also accused the Chinese Consulate in Toronto of transferring funds through a provincial MPP and a staff member. Just allegations, not facts. The text also said that another source said that the Chinese Consulate in Toronto funded the election campaign through agents and intermediaries with 250,000 yuan. This is gossip, hearsay.

The sixth paragraph of the article states that the intelligence agencies have no conclusion on whether China has successfully influenced the Canadian election. The seventh paragraph says that if the court issues a warrant, Canadian intelligence agencies can find out the phone calls and electronic communications between the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and those candidates’ campaign offices. In other words, three years have passed, and the court has not issued a search warrant, so Canadian intelligence agencies have so far no evidence of China’s interference in the Canadian election. Why didn’t the court issue a search warrant? The only explanation is that Canadian intelligence never files the case in court. Since January 2022, intelligence agencies have briefed Prime Minister Trudeau and certain privileged cabinet members many times without evidence, but have not filed a case for investigation. Therefore, the “allegation” that Cooper used all throughout the article are not allegations that initiate legal proceedings but merely report. These allegations were reported to the intelligence agencies and briefed the prime minister and the cabinet many times, but they were not serious enough to file a case for investigation. The Five Eyes Alliance can even eavesdrop on the phone calls of German Chancellor Merkel. If there is no investigation, there will be no evidence.

The eighth paragraph stated that in order to protect the safety of these whistleblowers, their names cannot be released. Three years already, what did the intelligence agencies do, why didn’t they investigate these reports? Does it matter who reports the evidence? If there is no evidence, the whistleblower may just be a rumor maker. If the Canadian judiciary is so incompetent, and the Canadian police are so incompetent as unable to protect the safety of patriotic citizens who stand up to defend Canadian democracy from foreign interference?

On July 22, 1940, the British War Department decided to establish Special Operations Executive(SOE), and Prime Minister Churchill immediately set about building a spy network. Churchill first established the British Security Communications Department (BSC), headquartered in Rockefeller Center, New York, USA, and then recruited spies. For safety reasons, most of the spies were recruited from Toronto, Canada. The BSC is also responsible for the wartime propaganda work of the Propaganda Department. The Propaganda Department is called Station M in Canada and is located in downtown Toronto. The British Spy Command and the U.S. Office of Strategic Services jointly established a spy training camp called Camp X on the shore of Lake Ontario, tens of kilometers east of Toronto. In 1969, the Canadian Ministry of National Defense razed the camp and turned it into industrial land, but kept a small piece as a memorial. If you go out of Toronto, go east on Highway 401 to Whitby, get off Highway 401 to Route 26 and go south, then turn to Highway 60 and go east, then follow from Boundary Rd to the lake, and you will arrive at Intrepid Park. This is the site of Camp X back then, with a beautiful view of the lake, where the backbone of the CIA, the FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Canadian Intelligence Agency were trained. It can be seen that the Canadian intelligence agency, as one of the Five Eyes alliances, had the function of deceiving public opinion from the very beginning. This public opinion propaganda function later evolved into NATO’s Psychological Operations(PsyOps). NATO’s PsyOps policy includes: 1) The role of Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) is to induce or reinforce the perceptions. attitudes and behaviour of North Atlantic Council (NAC) approved audiences in support of Alliance political and military objectives. Additionally, PSYOPS can mitigate the effective use of hostile propaganda against friendly forces, local civilian audiences and other audiences of importance to NATO. 2)The pervasive and ubiquitous nature of today’s global Information Environment (IE). including the importance of virtual and physical social networks and new media has increased the demand and importance of effective PSYOPS. This has been exacerbated by NATO’s involvement in Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operations and information attacks against NATO and its member nations. In today’s IE, NATO can expect to operate for an extended period of time with limited resources in areas where sophisticated indigenous media, traditional communication and information from external sources compete to influence the perceptions of local audiences. The organisation, state, or entity more able to effectively and rapidly influence the understanding of a crisis or conflict, especially inducing or reinforcing the perceptions of particular influential audiences, will likely be the most successful. 3)PSYOPS are an indispensable part of the broad range of modern Military, Political, Economic, Civilian and Information (MPEC(I)) activities aimed at conflict prevention and crisis response. PSYOPS may multiply the effects of military capabilities by communicating messages directly through all available means, thus influencing the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of their intended audiences. 4)The application of PSYOPS can have a significant impact in the long and short term to influence behaviour and act as a force multiplier and enabler to enhance NATO military capabilities. The principles of developing a PSYOPS plan apply across the full spectrum of operational themes (combat, security, and peace support) as discussed in AJP-1 and military activities (offensive, defensive, stability, and enabling) as discussed in AJP-3. Although the complexity of the methodology varies with the audiences, basic considerations for the development of all PSYOPS actions are the same…….

As we can see, Canadian intelligence is really a part of the military-industrial complex.

The so-called China threat to Canadian democracy is completely a public perception manufactured by PsyOps. Among all the allegations of Chinese spies, the only case that has been seriously investigated is the Wen Ho Lee case, which turned out to be a false allegation. The media and intelligence agencies work hand in hand and completely dominate Canada’s foreign policy. They have become the deep state that evades the democratically elected government and actually makes important decisions about Canada’s foreign policy. This deep state is the biggest threat to Canadian democracy. There are many events that seriously damage Canada’s national interests. For example, the United States imposed a 300% tariff on Bombardier jets, which made Bombardier jets lose their market and forced Bombardier to sell the jet production to a foreign owner. Faced with these real issues that concern Canada’s national interests, the Canadian political circles and the press only made a drizzle and did not pursue them at all. The democratically elected government of Canada has completely become a puppet of the deep state, sacrificing Canada’s national interests in order to maintain US hegemony. In addition, more than 66% of the shares of the Postmedia Network are foreign-owned, controlling half of the English-language media in Canada. It is a real foreign entity, but it pretends to be a Canadian newspaper and influences public opinion in Canada. Postmedia has had a profound impact on Canadian politics, and it is a real foreign interference in Canadian democracy. The Canadian media and government have kept silent about this foreign interference.

As patriotic citizens of Canada, in order to safeguard Canada’s democratic politics and national interests, we should resolutely oppose Cooper’s fabricated articles without evidence, and oppose this propaganda that sacrifices Canada’s national interests and binds Canada to the US’s Cold War chariot hostile to China. Regardless of whether China is Canada’s friend or enemy, smearing China is not an upright Canadian national behavior. To smear China is to create false impressions, manipulate public opinion, and rape public opinion. Canadian democratic society and democratic politics can only be built on the basis of facts and truth, not on the basis of sensationalism with lies.


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Xiaoming Guo

Ph.D. from McGill University. MBA from Queen’s University. A patriot Canadian believes that a good relationship with China serves our best national interest.