Socialism. The socialism principle is to distribute wealth according to contribution. If one works hard, he or she or any person can accent his or her or its economical status. Socialism respects work and rewards work. The harder one works, the more reward one gets. This is an incentive for a vibrant economy.

Capitalism does not respects works. If workers work hard, they only increase profit for the capitalists. So they try hard to work less and get more pay. That’s the union movement. The ideal of capitalism is to get rich without work. That’s why the economy decline. The economical activities in the west are more about getting more interest and less about creating wealth. Think about it. If everyone in a society is putting more effort to get more and less effort to do real production, the economy has to head to trouble.

Hegemonical capitalism really created less wealth. It accumulates wealth through imperialist war to loot wealth from the global south.

Capitalism is for capital to control the government. The western political system is for the capital to influence government policies. The west calls this political system democracy. If democracy is so good, do you think the west would like the global south to have the good thing? The west promotes democracy worldwide for the capital to control the world so that hegemonical capitalism can exploit the world.

Only socialism can save the west. Only socialism can save the world. China shows the world that socialism works.


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Xiaoming Guo

Ph.D. from McGill University. MBA from Queen’s University. A patriot Canadian believes that a good relationship with China serves our best national interest.