It is probable. If it was not because of the Great Cultural Revolution, the current government would have already collapsed together with the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries. If it is not because of the anti-corruption campaign of Xi, the current government would have collapsed at about this time.

But, even if the current government collapses, China is already a power. China is a power because of its economic size. If China adopts the western political system of so-called democracy, it may become more aggressive, as the one with the most nationalism may be elected as president. Don’t tell me democratic countries do not have war with democratic countries. The two world wars exploded among European countries with the same democratic political system. Hitler was elected democratically.

The current government is the most peaceful government with a vision of the Shared Future of Mankind. If we replace the current government with one with the vision of China First, peace will be difficult to maintain. The current government has no intention to become a superpower. If we replace it with a European political system, then we will repeat the European history of the Thucydides Trap.

Please leave China alone. Don’t bother to replace it with the Western political system. If the current government collapses, you may regret what you wish for.



Xiaoming Guo

Ph.D. from McGill University. MBA from Queen’s University. A patriot Canadian believes that a good relationship with China serves our best national interest.