Democracy is impossible under imperialist domination.

Chinese people have fought for democracy ever since 1840. They fought and failed until 1923, Dr. Sun Yat-sen realized that Democracy was impossible when Western Powers dominate the politics and economy of China. So the first step toward democracy is to drive Western Powers out of China.

China succeeded in droving Western Powers out of China in 1949, however, Western Powers would not give up so easily. They don’t recognize Mainland China as a legitimate government. They recognize Taiwan as a legitimate Chinese government. War is always a danger for China ever since 1949. Western try to dominate China again by military pressure (gunboat diplomacy), in the name of “democracy”.

From the experience of the last century, Chinese people know that the first task of fighting for democracy is the get rid of Western interference. Chinese can not have democracy by letting Western Powers meddling Chinese affairs. Handing Chinese fate to the hand of Western Power is not democracy. When Westerners say they want China to be democratic, the Chinese know that’s a fake statement. Britain ruled Hong Kong for more than150 years, without a single governor was elected. Living under the British colony, Hong Kong people were treated as second-class citizens forbidden to take any chief position of government offices.

Western powers conquered Beijing in 1900 and did not install a democratic system for China. Chinese cannot achieve democracy by letting Western powers determine their fate. Western powers are not for Chinese democracy. They are for their national interest in China, at expense of the Chinese people.

After the Arab spring, and the Iraq occupation, how can still have people believe America is spending huge amounts of military resources and NGO funding altruistically for the democracy of China? Did any candidate for president campaign ever ask voters to spend tax dollars for Chinese democracy?

Chinese are fighting for democracy by resisting Western interference.


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Xiaoming Guo

Ph.D. from McGill University. MBA from Queen’s University. A patriot Canadian believes that a good relationship with China serves our best national interest.